“Tears to Triumph” Anthology


Book cover for Tears to Triumph: Tales of Transformation Through Jesus Christ
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“In life, there is a truly transformative power of a life submitted to Christ. And, when women give their testimonies to provide encouragement and hope to others, it becomes very empowering. Many feel they’re the only ones who struggle with addiction, are fighting a deadly disease, are heartbroken, or stuck in an abusive relationship. Others may not know Christ, or may think their lives are in such disrepair that God would never notice them, let alone care about his/her eternal future. It is my prayer that the stories in this book will be a source of encouragement and reassurance. I pray it will help lead unbelievers to Christ while also strengthening the faith of those who may be struggling.”

Publisher: Alyssa Middleton

“I believe all of us struggle, daily, in our walk with God to—listen, but more importantly—to obey His instructions. I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t obeyed when I got “the Call,” but will we ever know that answer this side of heaven? Regardless, I believe the essay “When God Calls, It’s Never a Wrong Number,” which is part of FROM TEARS TO TRIUMPH, will be a source of encouragement and reassurance, because I’m able to provide a strong, tangible witness of what God did in a very dramatic way.”

Author: Pat Sabiston